How do you name your pictures ?

This was intended to be a poll but honestly I wasn’t able to figure out the answers I would put so I will try it as a discussion.

I am interested to know how do you name your pictures ! I know for instance some people call a picture depending on the location it was taken at, others with a serial number etc…

I personally tend to give a unique name to each picture just like a child would do with a him favorite toy, I feel it is much more “personal”! Names I choose are usually out of my state of mind when I was shooting or post processing.

Share your experience and thoughts with me on that !

35% of photographers have more than 5 filters ! [Poll results]

When I asked you “how many filters do you have?” I was pretty sure the majority will fall in the “3 to 4” range but how wrong I was !

What is interesting is the repartition of votes, if 40% of photographers have only 1 or 2 filters 35% have 5 or more and only 11% have none.

I was also surprised to read in the comments that many have filters but don’t even acutally use them

Here are the full results out of 110 votes for this poll
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Right eyed or left eyed ?

You should have seen that youtube video by now since it has been on a lot of photography blogs that I read.
For some reason that video reminded me that I am left-eyed / right handed.
I would be interested to know about you
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More than 32% of photographers prefer to fix it later [Poll Results]

A few weeks ago I have asked you if you use Auto or Custom white balance ?. The poll got just under 150 votes 41% of which were for Auto White balance and 42 votes for “Shoot RAW worry about white balance later”.
The results were as follows
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How many filters do you have ? [Poll]

Since I’ve been writing about filters lately, I was wondering how many filters do you guys have in your bags!
For me I have 5 9: 3 Neutral Density filters, 2 Circular Polarizers, 4 UV filters used for lens protection .
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