Do you put all your eggs in one basket ? [Poll]

I have been struggling with this question for quite some time, is it OK to have one big CF/SD card or it is safer to have many smaller ones, and where is the cut between practicality and safety?

Myself I never had the guts to buy a CF card bigger than 1 GB, I have a lot of 1GB cards and a few 512MB even and I always feel it is safer that way. Having recently loss 80 pictures due to a card corruption I am happy with my decision. However I feel it is somehow overkill to carry all these cards, I would be much better with 1 or 2 4GB cards.

So what do you guys do ?
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Rate your photography skills ! [Poll]

I would really like to know how is the photography skill level of ADIDAP readers distributed. This should help me decide on the topics and tutorial. Although I know there not really one correct answer to this question since we can be newbies in one area but quite advanced in another, try to pickup the one you feel you fit in the best or feel free to add one that I missed
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43% of the digital photographers rarely do it: [Poll Results]

I’ve got 100 votes and 15 comments on last week’s poll : Do you print your own pictures ? and I was kind of surprised to notice that 43% of the readers rarely print and 18% never. That is a total of 61% !!
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Do you print your own pictures ?

I would like to know what do you guys do ! I have been shooting for 5 years+ find myself having more than 50k pictures, spend a lot of time retouching them but never print any !

Well not exactly never but let me say very rarely usually it happens whenever my wife needs a new print to hand on the walls or some of the kids pictures other than that I enjoy my pictures on my desktop wallpaper what about you Do you print your own pictures ?

Poll is close results can be found here

Share you Christmas gift ideas

The holiday season is getting near and I would like to publish a post with gift ideas : What to offer a photographer ?

That’s why I am calling for help from all of you
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