Photographer of the Week : algo

Looking at algo’s photostream, it simply took my breath away with the amazing light play, great composition and well captured unique beauty of landscapes.

I loved the diversity in his pictures, and his tendency to use unusual point of view and leading lines. He is simply a photographer that you must check.

I will leave you with a link to his photostream and 10 of his selected pictures. Enjoy !
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Photographer of the week : Alexandra Sophie

I had the pleasure to discover Sophie’s photo stream thanks to a tip from our previously featured photographer Lara Zankoul
Alexandra’s unique style is focused on backlit and shallow DOF, her portraiture is emotional with very delicate toning. A style of photography you cannot really describe nor grasp until you’ve actually seen. I’ll leave you with 10 of her selected pictures that describe her work best.
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Photographer of the week : Romy Ocon

This week I have the please to feature Romy Ocon as photographer of the week!

For anyone who is familiar with DPReview canon forums Romy is not a stranger, knows as liquidstone Romy is indisputably among the best bird photographer these is.

His passion for wild life and bird in flight photography is contagious and the quality of his pictures speak for themselves.

I should add that Romy is very generous sharing his knowledge and experience with his others a great asset to the world of bird photography. Make sure to visit Romy’s personal gallery at pbase and follow his pursuit in documenting and capturing Philippines wild birds in their natural habitat.

And now enjoy the selection
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Photographer of the week : Jaroslav Zakravsky

Our photographer for this week is Jaroslav Zakravsky. What hypnotized me in his photostream is his special magical touch and how he uses light to give his images that fairy feeling that can make you gaze into an image for a long time.
His city and nature pictures will put you into an irresistible dreamy mood , all you have to do is browse his 10 featured pictures that he selected for us then go to his photostream for more Read more »

Photographer of the week : Shobeir Ansari

The photographer of this week is Shobeir Ansari, he is using photography and his love for outdoors as the perfect combination to try and capture the beauty in the wild. Quoting him from his profile “I seek out rural locations on the weekends and after-work hours to experience true wilderness, away from crowds, cities, and the stress of everyday life.”
I am sure many of us are familiar with that feeling, so your escape for today in our post is through Shobeir’s lenses, enjoy his top 10 pictures and don’t forget to visit his photostream.
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