Photographer of the week : Arjun

What first got my attention while browsing Arjun photostream is the diversity of countries he visited and photographed . I counted 22 countries from around the globe. That gives his stream a nice diversity while still maintaining his personal perspective and touch.
I will leave you with 10 of his pictures , you can check the other awesome pictures in his photostream
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Photographer of the week : rawheadrex

Our amazing photographer for this week is rawheadrex, he got his first DSLR in July 2008 and quoting him “has been going crazy since then” . I am simply amazed by his talent, 2 years is a relatively short time to take all those gorgeous pictures and I am a little bit jealous of his photography “arsenal”.
Don’t forget to check his stream or his interesting sets, In the meantime I will leave you with only 10 of his pictures that were hard to select. Enjoy and share your opinion about rawheadrex work !
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Photographer of the week : Chris Fabbri

I was hypnotized by the mood that settles in Chris Fabbri photo stream, his portrait pictures reflect a unique wild feeling, whether it is people traveling on misty roads, traditionally dressed natives or people meditating and escaping reality.
He also captures the wild jungles birds in a exquisite way. I will leave you to check 10 pictures of his selection. You can find his photostream here . Enjoy Read more »

Photographer of the week : Ben Heine

Ben Heine is a painter, illustrator, portraitist, caricaturist and photographer; He also studied graphic arts, sculpture and has a degree in journalism !
When you get all those skills mixed up in one person you will get an awe inspiring Flickr stream ( that is the least to say).

I don’t know how Ben managed to choose only 10 pictures out of his amazing collection ! I’ll leave you to check them 🙂

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Photographer of the week : Marilyn Bouchard

Marilyn Bouchard is one of the most unique photographers that I ever had the chance to feature on adidap.
She is a conceptual photographer with a brilliant mind, she makes you stop and think on each photo in her stream.
I will leave you with only 10 pictures of her selection . Her photo stream is a great source for inspiration, don’t forget to visit or join her facebook fan page to stay updated on her work

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