Photographer of the week: Jeremy Clay

Wedding season is reaching its end here and, having taken a few pictures here and there, I am starting to realize that wedding photography is not as easy at it may seem.
So for this week I am featuring Jeremy Clay, a wedding photographer, because I have enjoyed his fresh compositions away from the cliche shots I am now getting bored with.
Jeremy’s shots are eye catching and both, his setup & candid pictures, are full of life, stories and dynamism.
Make sure to visit Jeremy’s website for his full work, as for me, I will share with you 10 of his favorite photographs.
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Photographer of the week: Daryl Benson

Seeing Daryl’s work for the first time was an eye opening experience for me. It was like rediscovering photography all over again.

He has this special way of including his personal touch in a picture to break that cliché feeling and I can honestly say that his photos moved me.

When I contacted Daryl asking for the permission to feature him here on adidap I was expecting him to pick up at least some of his awesome landscape pictures to include in this feature and I was really surprised to notice that his selection included no landscape images. This was very good opportunity for me to discover how diversified Daryl’s photography was.

It is time for you enjoy 10 of Daryl’s favorite pictures but before let me remind you that his work can be found at and that, if you like landscape photography, you can indulge yourself with 2 overview of his books Canada and Alrberta.














Photographer of the week: Joshua Carlsen

When I first saw Joshua’s flickr stream I was directly attracted by his landscape pictures. His composition & use of slow shutter speed is definitely my kind!

And then I started digging a bit more into his photography and found how interesting and diversified Joshua’s photography was.

Take a moment & browse Joshua’s gallery on flickr and you are most likely to find, like I did, refreshing pictures with quite unusual perspectives.

And now a taste of his work in these 10 pictures

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Photographer of the week: Tanya Traboulsi

This is the first time I have the chance to feature on Adidap a photographer from my homeland so you can only imagine how special this is for me!

I found Tanya’s website totally by chance and I was directly struck by her style, I like the way she compose her pictures and specially the way she sees and understands light.

Before I leave you with a sample of Tanya’s work I want to invite you all to visit her personal website at & make sure to go over her on stage pictures they are stunning.

And now, for your pleasure, here is a collection of 10 handpicked pictures from this Lebanese photographer.

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Photographer of the week: Marc St. Pierre

Marc was scheduled to be featured last Friday but due to my unexpected travel I had to postpone it till today.

Marc is a professional photographer and I’ve had the chance to see various shots of his and I can tell you he has a lot of talent. However, Marc has chosen to share with us this week one of his favorite subjects: Aviation Photography.

As someone who has tried and failed to capture birds in flight, I can only imagine how hard it is be to be able to nail a shot of a high speed plane, but Marc has impressive ones even when the plane is coming straight at him.

For more of Marc’s work I will invite you to visit his gallery and, as a bonus, a video of Marc at work. And now the selection

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