Photographer of the week: Mike Stimpson

Today is a special feature because Mike Stimpson is not only a great photographer but he is also a Lego lover.

Combining these two hobbies Mike is able to achieve wonderful pictures. Although he doesn’t shoot only Lego creations, I have decided to share with you today a very special collection of his work “Classics in Lego“.

In Classics in Lego is Mike reproduces world most famous images with a high level of fidelity and great care for details.

Before leaving you with the wonderful reproductions I will invite you to visit Mike’s gallery at flickr.

Disclaimer: All Lego pictures and text are from Mike Stimpson, original images are presented here, in low resolution, just for comparison with the reproduction and their copyright for it is most likely held by their original photographer.

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Photographer of the week: Thiago Pelaes

This week I have the pleasure to feature here at adidap a photographer that caught my interest and admiration, let me introduce Thiago Pelaes.

Thiago photostream is captivating his pictures simply composed but full of stories. With “only” 269 pictures in his stream, as of today, there is surely a few to please any taste.

From candid street photography to posed portraits Thiago’s eye and retouching will surely get to you.

Thiago’s work can be found at flickr and I can’t but recommend you to add him to your contacts and keep an eye at his craft. Take a look at this selection, I’ll start with my personal favorite which one is yours?
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Photographer of the week: Milo Baumgartner

I’ve been attracted to Milo’s pictures from the moment I’ve laid my eyes on his photostream. Milo has a strong in capturing the city life in very tasteful compositions.

He has this thing to find order in our daily chaotic life. Ever since I’ve subscribed to his stream I always wait for his next picture with enthusiasm because I know that every new picture is a source of inspiration.

Although Milo’s full gallery can be found at flickr I’ll give you here a taste of his art with 10 handpicked pictures from his portfolio.

I’m sure Milo is very interested to hear what you think about these, and so am I.
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Photographer of the week: Mike Shaw

I’ve following Mike’s work on DeviantArt for a few months and I must say that I love his work.

Mike is a passionate photographer shooting very diversified subjects going from street photography to landscape.

What really captures me in Mike’s gallery is the quality of his retouching. Colors or B&W he has this touch that make his pictures stand somewhere between painting and reality.

I invite you to visit Mike’s portfolio and would appreciate your feedback on this selection of his craft
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Photographer of the week: Natalia Valle

For this week’s feature I have picked Natalia Valle.

If I have to summarize Natalia’s portfolio it would simply be “Pictures with a story” and that’s a lot !

If fact when I looked at Natalia’s pictures for the first time, I didn’t get lost with the colors, sharpness or compositions rather I stare lost in thoughts. Yes they make me think.

Natalia’s full gallery can be found at and, as usual I will give you a taste with 10 handpicked pictures of the portfolio.

Feedback is appreciated