Photographer of the week: Indah Susanti

Another new week and another great photographer featured here at adidap. I stumbled on Indah’s pictures when browsing the filckr explore page and I’m happy I did.

Her photo stream is a feast of colors and wonderful compositions. Ranging from macro to portrait Indah’s pictures are eye catching and have this little thing that will keep you hooked.

You can admire more of Indah’s work at her gallery and here is a teaser of 10 of her best pictures.

As usual feedback is appreciated by both Indah and myself.
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Photographer of the week: Thamer Al-Tassan

This week I’d like to present you Thamer Al-Tassan !

Thamer has a very special style in photography as he always seems to try to “think out of the box”. He has shot the most well known places where most of us would have just went for the “cliche” approach with his own touch.

Thamer’s flickr gallery is a very interesting place and I know I will be enjoying each of his new submissions.

Here is a selection of his pictures, and we’d both appreciate your feedback.
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Photographer of the week: Scott Ingram

When Scott submitted his portfolio for review I felt that his pictures have something fresh and pleasant and that they deserve to be given more exposure.
Scott is passionate about photography and exploring new places. He enjoys landscape photography and knows how to make use of leading lines.

Before leaving you with 10 of Scott’s best I’d like to point you to his gallery at flickr and I’d also appreciate if you could take the time to share your feelings about Scott’s work and your ideas about how he could move to the next level. So please take the time to comment on at least one of Scott’s pictures.
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Photographer of the week: Sven Seebeck

Another week and another “beautiful eye” landscape photographer. Sven is relatively new to the world of photography with under 2 years of experience under his belt. However his pictures are eye catching and well composed.

He’s obviously have a strong for landscape and an intuitive understanding for light. He is definitely the kind of photographer I’d keep and eye on since I believe it can’t be long before he gains more experience and recognition.

Sven work can be admired at and I will share with you now some of his best pictures.

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Photographer of the week: Marius Sabo

“Magical Landscapes”, “Wonderful Portfolio”, “Stunning pictures” all are comments you can easily find if you browse Marius gallery, and I can assure you that it is true, Marius pictures are full of colors and vibrant, they are like flush of fresh air.

Clouds, water, mountains and trees all seem to align in harmony in front of Marius lens. Oh well I guess that’s what we call talent!

This is just a taste of Marius work, for more visit his gallery
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