Photographer of the week: Don Cohen

I have decided to spice the Photographer of the week a bit so I went in a quest to find different photographers shooting various subjects !
This week I was lucky to meet Don that was kind enough to accept my invitation as photographer of the week on adidap.
Don is an accomplished bird photographer. In fact Don loves nature photography but his favorite subject is birds and I must admit he is quite good at it !

Bird photography requires a lot of patience and experience and you will soon notice that Don is nothing less than wonderful at it. Birds in flight or on land Don does a great job in capturing these animals in their natural habitats.

Before leaving you with a selection of Don’s best shots I want to invite you to pay him a visit at his web site to enjoy more of his work.
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Photographer of the week: Daniel Ewert

Daniel is the kind of landscape photographers I love ! His pictures have that magical touch that you can’t really explain or understand you know that part when you just stare at a picture with an empty brain and dream ? Well that’s what Daniel’s pictures effect on me is like.
I would have loved to talk technique and tell you that he mainly bets on strong foregrounds, I would have also told you that he make great use of the leading lines and composes with extreme simplicity and taste but I won’t I will just let you enjoy his pictures

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Photographer of the week: Andrew Eksner

I first met Andrew when I saw some of his pictures in a thread at dpreview and I was attracted to his pictures. Andrew is a landscaper who make strong use of the leading lines. His composition is very characteristic and his colors are so true that I really wonder if he even retouches his pictures !
Let’s see how Andrew’s “discovering the wonders of the world” to put it in his own terms !
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Photographer of the week: Doug Barber

I’ve not been very active on this section of ADIDAP lately but I guess it is a good section and one of my new year’s resolutions is that I will post a Photographer of the Week every Friday. So if you have some names you want to nominate as POTW do contact me !
Now for this week I’ve picked up a great photographer and a net friend Doug Barber !
Doug is a versatile photographer he shoots landscapes, still life but what really amazes me is the way he understands people ! He can turn almost any “normal” setup into an eye catching portrait image !
Not only this Doug is also great with light painting technique

A “Light Painting” is an image that is created in total darkness with a shutter speed that could be as long as several minutes. Once the shutter opens I paint the light into the frame like an artist would use a brush to paint color onto a canvas.

And now a handpicked selection of Doug images

Finally I have a message to pass from Doug: Doug has been named as the photographer to the largest Climate Change project in the world. It has been taking him away from home a lot and he has been hanging out with 200 scientist from 15 countries at the top of the world on an Ice Breaker. Make sure to visit the project website at

Photographer of the week: Varina Patel

Alex from Brazil: So, today I keep my eyes into photographers and their works, post processing techniques and related things (what happens to Photograhy of the week?!).

Alex this one is for you

I discovered Varnia on photosig she had posted a very small number of pictures but they were all breathtaking.

Varnia’s landscapes are very fresh and what I really like in her style is that she doesn’t need something special to make a picture. She is capable capturing any scene is a fantastic way to create a dramatic and eye catching picture.

She loves to play with leading lines and her post processing is really well done never overdone.

Here is a selection of handpicked pictures of Varnia

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