Photographer of the week: Olivier Du Tré

Our photographer of the week is Olivier Du Tré, a 34 year old photographer who was born and raised in Belgium.
Together with his wife, he immigrated to Canada 3 years ago and feels blessed that he was able to live in this beautiful country and loves every second of. It was a big turning point in his life and changed who he is and therefore it changed his photography.
Olivier loves simple compositions. He is always searching for things that are out of the ordinary. The simplest of photos can often convey a simple yet strong message. His work often shows scenery in a way that people can easily relate to because they pass or see it every day.

Photographer of the week: Patrick Hübschmann

Our photographer of the week is Patrick Hubschmann who works as Web-Developer, Designer and Photographer in Baden-Baden, Germany. His main focus is Landscape- and Nature-Photography but he also works for bands, publishers and companies as well.

Coming from painting and drawing, he found his way into photography with an old Zeiss-Ikonta 6×6 in the late eighties.
He learned developing images in the darkroom and worked only in Black and White for years.
Since 2005 Patrick started to work more and more digital, but still loves and keeps a special place for analog Cameras and Black and White Photography. His biggest inspirations are Cartier-Bresson, Adams, Koudelka.

Photographer of the week: Aaron Reed

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Aaron Reed has no shortage of stories to tell through the lens of his camera. From the Cascade mountain range, to the coastline of the Pacific Ocean and everything in between his goal is to share with you the beauty of our natural world as well as giving you a glimpse of life in the city.

Beginning in his childhood years, his artistic expression and careful consideration of composition was clearly evident and brought to light through many mediums including charcoal pencil, chalk illustrations and oil based painting. When he picked up his first camera in early 2007 it immediately ignited that artistic fire once again.

Photographer of the week: Justin Vun

Our photographer of the week is an Australian photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. He was born in Malaysia with roots from China and has spent many years living in the East and West. As such , he has a unique vision that holistically spans both Eastern and Western cultures and philosophies.

You can view his truly amazing work on – in the meantime, I leave you to enjoy 10 stunning B&W pictures from his selected work.











Photographer of the week: Andrew Mohrer

Our photographer of the week is into street photography. Andrew Mohrer was born,raised and still living in Brooklyn NY. With a passion for its streets it’s only natural for Andrew to be a street photographer.

Andrew played with photography a couple times over the years but for the last 2 years he’s been taking it seriously. Never taking any classes, he is a 100% self taught thanks to the internet.

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