Pollution/Environment awareness Project

Image by pfala

Here is a photography project for you guys. And this one is rather special since it is not about capturing the beauty but the beast.

Here are the details

The Sponsor

This project is proudly sponsored by NunukPhotos .
www.nunukphotos.com is a stock photography website specializing in science, nature and environmental photography. With instant downloads, www.nunukphotos.com provides photography to professionals worldwide 24 hours a day. The fully searchable database and clearly defined photo categorization also ensures that those in the field of “visual communication” find high quality science, nature or environmental imagery quickly and easily.

Photogrpahy Project: In your bedroom

Time for a second photography project and for that one I will ask you to take a picture of your bedroom.
The picture itself can be of just an object or a global view, but it just has to be taken in your bedroom

Project details

  • Take a picture of your bedroom or a special object that is permanently located in your bedroom
  • Post the photo on your blog photoblog website flickr zoomr etc…
  • Go to the project contact form on this page, enter your name email and link to your submission

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand
This is my submission for the Iron Chef Photography: Fork

I took these pictures with very rudimentary equipment, since I don’t have a way to trigger my external flash off shoe, I just set my camera to 2 sec exposure in a pitch black room and I was triggering the flash manually speaking, so it took me a good deal of trial and error to get the desired effect.

Post processing on this one is minimal, just curves to increase contrast and resizing for web.

Here are other compositions I tried for that project but ended up liking this one more.
Fork project CandidateFork project CandidateFork project Candidate

8 Postcards from around the globe

Well that’s it the “Send me a Postcard” project has finished and I got 7 submissions from different part of the world and with mine that makes 8 of them.
Unfortunately most failed to specify the location of the picture.

Going down…

2008-02-16_Canon EOS 30D_101-4518
This is my submission for Neil’s project The View from Below

This is the picture of an old church in the village of Batroun in North Lebanon. I was there shooting during the week end and took this shot for the project.

I know that it could use much enhancements specially with regards to contrasts, however I do not have Adobe Photoshop installed on my computer yet ” ((“I have recently formated”))” and I didn’t want to miss the deadline so this is a quick one done with Picasa.

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