Got a New Nikon D300 ? Start here !

I don’t own a Nikon D300 but I am sure many of you do or are thinking of buying one.
I stumbled today on a wonderful thread at DPReview full of resources that will help anyone still struggling with the D300 or about to buy one.
I found this compilation really informative and thought it might interest you so here it is
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How to hold your digital camera ? The ultimate guide…

How to hold your digital camera
I have been thinking of writing a guide about how to hold your DSLR but a quick search and a recent thread on DPReview revealed to me that there are out there much more than what I can write, so instead I have made for you a special list of the best articles I found.

Proper holding a SLR camera can make the difference between a sharp image and a blurry one, it can also keep fresh after hours of shooting or tired with arm and back pains after a short moment. No matter how old or new you are in photography I do not think it would be a waste of time to read an article or two of the ones I am about to present you. You might be surprised how easy we can pick up a bad habit.

Hand holding basics

Long telephoto lenses


Finally 2 short videos

Well folks that’s it, I hope you will enjoy your reading and hope you all had a good April’s fool day !

Bypass Flickr spaceball.gif the easy way

While working on Lucy’s post I was faced with a problem I’m sure many of you already encountered.
Lucy blocks her picture from being downloaded, so flickr wouldn’t allow me to just “right click -> save picture as” and will show the infamous spaceball.gif to save instead.

There are several solutions to bypass this protection one of them being to access the source page and copy the link right from it, being to lazy to do that I figured out a much easier way.

I’m sure you all heard about the “On Black” flickr tool from BigHugeLabs, and this is exactly what I used.

Just open the picture with it and you get back the easy “Save as” functionality with no source hacking or additional software installation.

I have to mention that I did ask for Lucy’s permission before posting her pictures but she sent me links to the the flickr pages and not hotlinks to the pictures and I didn’t have time to contact her again, so don’t use that to download pictures you are not allowed to!

Got a Canon 40D ? Get this book !

This is, in my opinion, a must have book for any owner, or owner to be, of the Canon EOS 40D.
Written by David Busch, it covers in details, and in an easy to understand way, all aspects of the 40D, some even claim it is the missing Canon manual .

324 pages with a lot of pictures and diagrams laid out as follows
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You’ve got a project ? I’ve got a wiki !

I never thought setting up a wiki would be so tiring ! I’ve been sleepless for 2 nights in a row but I finally got it working ” ((“or let me say almost :)”))”, so here is the idea !

What is it ?

There are so many great photography projects coming out from various photography blogs that I wanted to consolidate them all in one place. A place that would hold, with time, the history of photography projects so I setup for that.
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