Hack to edit Canon EOS 400D XTi RAW in Rawshooter

As for today, the famous RAW converter Rawshooter still does support .CR2 files from the Canon EOS 400D/XTi.
If you are a Rawshooter user and own a Canon EOS 400D here is a quick hack to solve this problem.
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Download your free night photography ebook

If you really want to improve in photography there is no 2 roads, the main key is, of course, to practice. But when you can’t be taking picture and you have some free time you can still do something. Either study the pictures that makes you go WOW or take a photography book and read.
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Download your free copy of Canon EOS Digital Photo ebook for professionals

This might not be new for some of you but I just discovered this ebook today, the hard copy price is $19.95 but Canon is making it available for download in PDF format for free.
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Download your copy of Canon EOS 30D pocket guide today

If you are among the numerous people who liked Gordon’s Photography Cheat Sheet or all Canon lenses spreadsheet, than I am sure you will find this one useful too.
Many of us like to have a soft copy of our photography manuals even if we still have the original hard copy that shipped with the camera.
The Canon EOS 30D manual, for instance, can be downloaded from Canon’s website. But there is also a pocket guide that ships with the Canon EOS 30D and this one has no soft copy.
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Free photography sessions by Canon Europe

Canon Europe is offering free photography sessions in various European cities given by celebrity photographer Andy Earl and other photography experts.
They will share with us their stories, techniques tips and tricks.

“Two shows are offered. The Amateur sessions will appeal to photographers of all levels looking to improve their skills. The Advanced shows have the same structure and content but with slightly more emphasis on commercial photography.”

For more info and registration
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