What to do if you lost your Canon Software CD

I don’t know if it ever happened to you, but if you lose/damage the Canon Software CD that ships with your Canon EOS DSLR getting your hands on a new one won’t be that easy unless you know someone that owns a Canon DSLR.
“Easy” you’d say “I will only download all the software from the net”, well wrong since those softwares are not available on the internet but only their updates.
Of course you can always give Canon a call and you will probably be charged for the new CD or use one of these two simple tricks for both Windows and OSX
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What is so good and what is not about picasa

Picasa is a very popular and free photo organizer software from the internet giant google. I have been using it for about 2 years now to organize and keep track of over 50.000 pictures laying on my hard disk in digital format.
So why what is it that I love so much in Picasa over the other thousands of photo organizing softwares out there ? and what is the feature I miss the most in that great freeware.
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Canon EOS batch file renamer


Most of Canon EOS DSLR will not let you easily know the number of your camera’s shutter actuationsonly a visit to canon’s service center can reveal the actual number, for this reason most of these DSLR owners will rely on the camera’s file numbering to track the number of shots taken with their camera.

However this method has it pitfalls, Canon EOS batch file renamer is a small visual basic script I have wrote for my own use to help overcome one of the continuous file numbering problems and is designed to work with Canon EOS DSLR cameras.
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Firefox and IE Extensions for photographers

Sometimes you get used so much to a tool or application installed on your computer that you don’t realize anymore that it is an add-on until you miss it.
This is what happened to me when i tried to use my newly formated PC just to noticed that firefox is no more showing me the EXIF data of the pictures.
So I thought I’d just share with you this great Firefox extension just in case you don’t already have it installed
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Pocket PC for Photographers

I have decided to make a list of Pocket PC softwares that can be useful for photographers and can of used for all of us in the field.

I will start by a classic that I always keep installed on my Pocket PC and use often specially in tricky lighting conditions when I am not sure I can rely on my camera’s light meter.
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