How to solve Microsoft Vista and custom ICC profile issue

Image by Thomas Hawk

Ever since I switched to Microsoft Windows Vista from Windows XP I have been running into problems with my custom monitor profile. No matter what I did Windows Vista was switching back to the default profile every time UAC was invoked.

The obvious way to solve this problem is by disabling UAC. To do so

  1. Run msconfig
  2. Switch to the “Tools” tab
  3. Scroll down and select “Disable UAC”
  4. Click Launch and restart your computer

nVidia might be crashing your Adobe Lightroom !

Adobe Lightroom

This post is a guest post by Rami Fayoumi from ZeroHourSleep

Like everyone who reads ADIDAP I am into photography and I use Adobe Lightroom to edit my pictures. I was so excited when I first started working with Adobe Lightoom until I started experiencing regular crashes while using it. And when it crashes, it crashes really hard ! My CPU usage goes up to 50% even after I kill Lightroom’s process, so I end up forced to either logoff or restart my computer.
BUT, I have discovered lately what has been causing these crashes.

nView Desktop Manager! YES, that was it!

Can you still call this retouching ?

A 4 minutes video showing a ?pro? adobe photoshop user at work. Really makes you think what is real and what is not …

GIMP goes portable

GIMP for windows” ((“GNU Image Manipulation Program”))”, a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop, joins the portable application family.

Portable applications are programs that can run directly from your USB thumb drive or any other drive without any need for installation making them easy to carry around and use them on any computer.

GIMP portable version is available for direct download in 2 versions

How to use Canon Picture Style file in DPP 3.0

A couple of days ago Canon made available the new version of Digital Photo Professional but in this upgrade Canon also change their Picture Styles files making it impossible to use those with DPP 3.0 since Canon didn’t release DPP 3.0 compatible picture styles yet.

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