Download Canon Digital Photo Professional 3.0 today

The long awaited Canon Digital Photo Professional 3.0 is finally here and available for download.

Here are the changes since Digital Photo Professional 2.2
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Photoshop Tutorial: From image to sketch in 4 easy steps

I will show you today how to transform any picture into a realistic looking sketch using Adobe Photoshop in just 4 easy and quick steps.
This is a sketch I did out of a picture of my son using the technique we are going to learn today.

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2 Free noise removal programs

Noise is often introduced in digital images due to many factors like, high ISO, long exposure, sensor technology, low light etc…

To reduce noise in the digital dark room there are well know, but rather expensive, commercial tools like Neat image and Noise Ninja.

Here are two free noise removal programs to download and use
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Photoshop tutorial: Layer mask for beginners

In one of the comments on the recently published Adobe Photoshop tutorial “A Drop of Color” Lisa asked “I’m not understanding Step 6. It says to paint the layer mask in black but the colored areas in your picture is coming out pink and green? Please explain this part.“.
Well it seems that I simply forgot to explain what is a layer mask and/or how layer masks works, my bad sorry everyone. So I’ll dedicate this post to explain and demonstrate how a layer mask affects your picture.

This tutorial is dedicated for Adobe Photoshop beginners and newbies
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Free Presets for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Photoshop Hall-of-Famer Jack Davis, has recently developed a collection of more than 80 presets to work with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Price : FREE !

Let’s see what Jack is saying about his PhotoPresets
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