Photoshop Tutorial: from image to painting – Video –

A few days ago I’ve posted an Adobe Photoshop Tutorial on how to use the smudge tool to transform an image to a painting and this tutorial tutorial turned out to be very popular.
Here is today a video of this technique
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Photoshop Tutorial: Adobe RGB vs Standard RGB

This is not really a tutorial but rather a useful info for newbies, did you ever spend time retouching a picture in Adobe Photoshop and when you finally reached the look you want you upload it to your website just to notice that it looks dull and flat?
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Photoshop Tutorial: Straightening the horizon

Yesterday we discussed 6 Tips to avoid tilted images, the 6th and last tip was in fact to “correct” and not to avoid them.
As promised here is a quick and effective way to straighten your images in Adobe Photoshop.
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Adobe lightroom podcast

The National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) has setup a new video podcast full of Adobe Lightroom killer tips and tutorials.

Even tho Adobe Lightroom is still in beta, many photographer have already tested it and its popularity is just increasing daily.
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Adobe Photoshop Free brush viewer

Adobe Photoshop brushes are simply amazing you can find them in all shapes, clouds grass you just name it. And what is even better about them is that they are a lot of photoshop guru’s out there generous enough to share their brushes with us for free. But installing and running Adobe photoshop to see what each brush looks like is killing. Now you can preview any brushes set without installing it or without even having to start Adobe photoshop.
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