Create your mosaic online and free

I just love how coincidence works sometimes 🙂 Not later than yesterday I’ve downloaded half a dozen free softwares to create mosaic and started to play around with them to see how each performs and today, just like that, I came across that website that will create your mosaic online and free.
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A video worth 1000 tutorials

If, like me, you feel the urge/need to learn more and more of Adobe photoshop to be able to take this photos of yours to the next level, then what could be best than an ever growing source of free video photoshop tutorials?
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Photoshop Tutorial: from image to painting

Smudging a tool in Adobe Photoshop I long thought useless, but since quite some times now photoshop gurus have used this tool for highly artistic achievements like changing a photo into a painting. Well explaining how the end product will look might be time consuming, but they say that a picture worth a thousand words don’t they?
So here is a before/after picture taken and post processed by Scott Deardorff, it is on this very picture we are going to work in this tutorial.
Make sure to click on it for a bigger version

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Adobe Camera Raw 3.6 & DNG converter

Almost 1 month after the release of ACR 3.6 beta, Adobe Camera RAW and DNG converter 3.6 moves out of beta
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Photoshop Tutorial: Portrait Retouching technique

This tutorial will outline a the basics of Ray Bayer portrait retouching technique. This is a “before/after” example of this adobe photoshop technique.

This picture was taken and post processed by Ray Bayer and originally posted on photosig by Ray
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