Photoshop Tutorial: none destructive high pass sharpening

The Unsharp Mask (USM) filter in Adobe Photoshop is probably the most well known sharpening technique and the most widely used, however this techniqueas well as most other sharpening techniques suffers a major drawback, it cannot be undone.

In this tutorial I’ll try to explain a less popular, but more flexible, technique to sharpen your digital images using the high-pass filter of Adobe Photoshop
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Free photoshop stock textures site

If you are an adobe photoshop addict, then it is very likely that you have already tried various extracting techniques to change that ugly background or simply went into situations when you wished you had beautiful high resolution textures to use.
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Free Christmas and 2007 calendar templates

Is it Christmas yet?? well maybe not yet but it will soon be here 🙂
I was thinking that I should get started with my greeting cards and eventually the year 2007 calendar and went on a quest to find free adobe photoshop templates for both.
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Photoshop Tutorial: Digital White Balance Card

Just a few days ago, I introduced the Digital grey card adobe photoshop action done by Chip Springer. Here is today a tutorial on how to use it.
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Photoshop Tutorial: Photo to colored sketch

If you like to create cool colored sketches from your photos than this adobe photoshop tutorial is for you it will teach you step by step how to turn
adobe photoshop

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