Adobe Photoshop Elements now can do layer masks

Most of us got Adobe Photoshop Elements free with our cameras, and then we rush and buy the full Adobe Photoshop CS2 because we feel that Adobe Photoshop elements lacks some features like layer masks.

Today and thanks to Elements Tools you will soon be able to have several features missing in Adobe Photoshop elements.

Via | DSLR Blog

Photoshop Tutorial: Natural looking fur and hair

This really cool photoshop tutorial teaches us to draw natural looking hair and beard in just a few simple steps

Full tutorial here

Transform your Panoramas into planets using Adobe Photoshop

Photojo has a cool Adobe Photoshop tutorial on how to twist your panoramas to make them look as “planets”, for me it looks more as a fisheye effect but still looks pretty cool.

Tutorial here
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GIMP v/s Adobe Photoshop

Haven’t work myself in GIMP myself, but as far as I know GIMP is an open source Image editing software and there is quite a few people using it today instead of the famous Adobe Photoshop primary because it is free.

Although originaly built for Linux, GIMP can also run on both Windows and MAC…

Today I came across a quite interesting article by “The Linux Advocate” stating what is still missing for GIMP to be able to “dethrone” Adobe Photoshop

Read full article here