Photoshop Tutorial Mine : from image to flickr

This post is a guest post by Lara Zankoul.

I’ve always been attracted to the tones of Lara’s pictures so I tried to talk her into sharing with us her retouching techniques and here goes her first tutorial.


Photoshop Tutorial: step-by-step Ville d’Avray

PasTut 10

This Photoshop tutorial is brought to you by Pascal Khattar and the picture is by Toni Abi el Hessen

Today we are going to use Adobe Photoshop to fix a bad exposed shot and make it look much better in all ways.

First of all open the picture in Photoshop

PasTut 01

Tip: double click in the empty area of Photoshop it will brings the open dialogue

Straighten the picture

Now that we have our document opened, first we will start by leveling the photo, as you see the scene is rotated slightly counter-clock wise (CCW) will fix that with the help of the river line as a guide to our horizontal level.

145 Free photoshop Easter brushes

Easter being around the corner, I am trying my best to gather resources that would make it easier for all of us to prepare before the holiday rush keeps us busy.

So here is a collection of 145 free Adobe Photoshop brushes that I was able to find. I made sure to diversify the sets to include different styles and elements. You will find egg, chicken, Easter woods, vintage Easter eggs, traditionally religious brushes, baskets, bunnies and even Easter grass.

Enjoy the collection, put it to creative use and most important if I missed some interesting barushes please share them with us and remember that the original websites contain a lot of other free brushes so make sure to visit them

Add vignettes using Photoshop in 6 simple steps

In photography vignetting, or light fall-off, is the loss of brightness at the borders of an image and it is a lens characteristic or weakness.

Usually vignettes are not desired however it is not uncommon to add them during post-processing for example to draw the attention of the user to a particular portion of the image or to give it an aged look.

I am going to show you how to add vignetting to your image using Adobe photoshop in just a few simple steps.

Photoshop tutorial: Stacking star trails pictures

Trails (2008-10-19_ 40D_100-0746)
Picture by Antoine Khater

In the last tutorial we discussed how to shoot star trails pictures and we agreed that, in digital photography, you’d better go for multiple shots of 30 seconds each rather than one long shot to keep the noise under control.

So you’re back home with a handful of pictures, let’s see how to turn this exposures into one star trails pictures using Adobe Photoshop CS3.

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