Photoshop Tutorial: Shadow noise removal

This is a guest post from Tage Solberg from Solberghifi. Tag was kind enough to share with us his post processing method to control noise that can appear the shadows/dark parts of any digital image.

Even with a low noise cam like Canon EOS1DmkIII, “lifting” the shadows in an image will increase noise considerably. I often expose for the highlights to avoid clipping, and raise the shadows i post-processing.

When printing large I use this following method to get noise-free, saturated and detailed shadows.

The downside is; it will only work with static objects because it needs a +2 to +3EV bracketed shot.

I’m not talking about an awful HDR result here, but an natural looking image with shadows as clean as the highlights!!

Stina Stockholm on HDR

A few weeks ago I’ve had the chance to feature Stina Stockholm as photographer of the week and in the comments Ivan asked

I love your work. I would love for you to write a tutorial on how to do your post editing in photoshop. especially the street pic with the brick, how do you get that depth and contrast? Have you used filters on any of these photos? thanks

Stina was kind enough to comply to Ivan’s request and shares with us her thoughts on HDR

Download Canon Digital Photo Professional 3.5 Today

If you are a Canon DSLR user you might be interested to download and test the new version of Canon’s RAW converter Digital Photo Professional, or DPP, version that ships with the new Canon EOS 50D.

This download is NOT yet an official Canon release and available only for Microsoft Windows OS (English).

So grab your DPP now on Rapidshare or BadOnGo and if you are looking for the instruction manual it can be found on Canon website!

By the way this is a full version, not an upgrade and doesn’t require any previous version installed.

How to solve Microsoft Vista and custom ICC profile issue

Image by Thomas Hawk

Ever since I switched to Microsoft Windows Vista from Windows XP I have been running into problems with my custom monitor profile. No matter what I did Windows Vista was switching back to the default profile every time UAC was invoked.

The obvious way to solve this problem is by disabling UAC. To do so

  1. Run msconfig
  2. Switch to the “Tools” tab
  3. Scroll down and select “Disable UAC”
  4. Click Launch and restart your computer

Canon Digital Photo Professional video tutorials

If you are struggling with DPP 3.2 ” ((“Canon Digital Photo Professional”))” than check this Canon site. It has good and downloadable video tutorials explaining in details the different tools and functionalities of DPP 3.2.

I think we can all benefit from these, newbie and advanced users alike since there is always something we might have missed. I know I did miss the batch renaming part !

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