Can you still call this retouching ?

A 4 minutes video showing a ?pro? adobe photoshop user at work. Really makes you think what is real and what is not …

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Early Christmas present: Photoshop snowglobe action

photoshop christmas snowglobe action
Honestly guys I would have loved to tell you that I am the author of this photoshop action but I can’t 🙂 But it is still an early Christmas present from PhotographyBB to all of us.

This VERY cool Adobe Photoshop action will turn any of your pictures into a nice Snowglobe and is compatible with all Photoshop versions starting version 7.

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300+ Free photoshop Christmas Brushes

As December is growing nearer, I am trying my best to gather resources that would make it easier for all of us to prepare for this Christmas.

So here is, for your eyes only, a collection of the best free Christmas Adobe Photoshop brushes that I was able to find here and there on the net.

N.B.: Most of the original websites contain a lot of other free brushes make sure to visit them
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Mac OS X Leopard on PC

Unbelievable ! Unconceivable ! those are the thoughts that came into my mind when I first read this article.
Mac OS X – Leopard was patched and can now be installed on PC! No need to buy a MAC.

DisclaimerI DID NOT TRY THESE PROCEDURES since I already own a MAC.

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Adobe Lightroom bug fix expected soon

As previously pointed out, Adobe Lightroom 1.2 is not fully compatible with the new Mac OS leopard.

“The good news is that we’ll be releasing an update in mid-November that will address key compatibility issues” said Tom Hogarty.

Here is the list of problems that photographers may encounter with Lightroom 1.2 on Leopard:
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