GIMP goes portable

GIMP for windows” ((“GNU Image Manipulation Program”))”, a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop, joins the portable application family.

Portable applications are programs that can run directly from your USB thumb drive or any other drive without any need for installation making them easy to carry around and use them on any computer.

GIMP portable version is available for direct download in 2 versions
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Photoshop Tutorial: Transparent screen

Transparent screen
A few days ago I have shot this picture in my PAD project for the “see through” theme and I’ve had many questions about how this was done. So I will try to put here a small tutorial to demonstrate how I’ve achieved this picture.

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New Canon Picture Style for DPP 3.0 available

Four days ago I’ve told you how you can use the “old” Canon Picture Style with Digital Photo Professional 3.0, but this is not required anymore since Canon has released their Digital Photo Professional 3.0 compatible picture styles.
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How to use Canon Picture Style file in DPP 3.0

A couple of days ago Canon made available the new version of Digital Photo Professional but in this upgrade Canon also change their Picture Styles files making it impossible to use those with DPP 3.0 since Canon didn’t release DPP 3.0 compatible picture styles yet.
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Canon RAW Codec for Vista release

Canon RAW codec for Windows Vista operating system is now released, the codec supports .CR2 RAW files, but not .CRW files.

It includes support for the following Canon EOS cameras:
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