PhotoLine a worthy Adobe Photoshop Alternative at a right price.

PhotoLine There is a lot of fuss and speculations about the Adobe new cloud licensing scheme and a lot of you out there might be on the road scanning for a solid and trustworthy replacement for Photoshop.

Myself have been looking for an Adobe Photoshop replacement for quite some time but couldn’t really find my joy in anything I have tried before I discovered PhotoLine.

The first thing that caught my eye with PhotoLine was that it was the only photo-editing tool I found, aside from Adobe Photoshop, that could handle 16 bits per channel (or 48 bits) images. When I decided to download their 30 days trial version I was totally shocked to notice that we are talking about a mere 18 Megabytes download file.

So how can a 18 Megabytes (around 80 megabyte footprint on your disk) compare to the Adobe Photoshop giant ?

Video Tutorial Review: “Image Editing, Volume 1″ by Chip Phillips

If you’ve already stumbled on Chip’s gallery I am sure you would agree with me that it is nothing less than wonderful. Chip’s images are very tasteful crafts, cared for till the very minute details. But is good photography and composition skills enough  to deliver such breathtaking imagery ?

Well no, post-processing technique is an intrinsic part of digital photography and, no matter how good you are on the field, you should master your digital dark room to take your images to the next step and give them that "wow" factor.

145 Free photoshop Easter brushes

Easter being around the corner, I am trying my best to gather resources that would make it easier for all of us to prepare before the holiday rush keeps us busy.

So here is a collection of 145 free Adobe Photoshop brushes that I was able to find. I made sure to diversify the sets to include different styles and elements. You will find egg, chicken, Easter woods, vintage Easter eggs, traditionally religious brushes, baskets, bunnies and even Easter grass.

Enjoy the collection, put it to creative use and most important if I missed some interesting barushes please share them with us and remember that the original websites contain a lot of other free brushes so make sure to visit them

Download Canon Digital Photo Professional 3.5 Today

If you are a Canon DSLR user you might be interested to download and test the new version of Canon’s RAW converter Digital Photo Professional, or DPP, version that ships with the new Canon EOS 50D.

This download is NOT yet an official Canon release and available only for Microsoft Windows OS (English).

So grab your DPP now on Rapidshare or BadOnGo and if you are looking for the instruction manual it can be found on Canon website!

By the way this is a full version, not an upgrade and doesn’t require any previous version installed.

Canon Digital Photo Professional video tutorials

If you are struggling with DPP 3.2 ” ((“Canon Digital Photo Professional”))” than check this Canon site. It has good and downloadable video tutorials explaining in details the different tools and functionalities of DPP 3.2.

I think we can all benefit from these, newbie and advanced users alike since there is always something we might have missed. I know I did miss the batch renaming part !

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