Download Canon Digital Photo Professional 3.1 today

I don’t think it is new news to you if I tell you that the Canon EOS 40D ships with Canon Digital Photo Professional ” ((“or DPP”))” version 3.1. However this version ships only with the 40D and is not available for download through Canon website.

However if, like myself, you don’t own the 40D you can still get your hands on DPP 3.1 (Windows version only tho), and the good thing is that this version will install on a clean system even if you don’t have any previous versions of DPP installed.
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Get this “Kinder Surprise” Photoshop action

Today I am sharing with you a really cool Adobe Photoshop action I called it “Kinder Surprise” simply because I am not going to tell you what it does.

Sorry guys but I have to play by the rules since his author, Mike Warren, himself named it “surprise action” but I think you most of you will enjoy it.

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2 Free noise removal programs

Noise is often introduced in digital images due to many factors like, high ISO, long exposure, sensor technology, low light etc…

To reduce noise in the digital dark room there are well know, but rather expensive, commercial tools like Neat image and Noise Ninja.

Here are two free noise removal programs to download and use
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Free Presets for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Photoshop Hall-of-Famer Jack Davis, has recently developed a collection of more than 80 presets to work with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Price : FREE !

Let’s see what Jack is saying about his PhotoPresets
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A not-to-be-missed Adobe Photoshop script

Here is a free Adobe Photoshop script, written by Joe Colson, I’d like to share with you. the PrintEXIF Script.

PrintEXIF is a script for Adobe Photoshop CS2 that automates the presentation of shooting information (EXIF) for either a photo that is targeted for the Web or a photo that will be printed. PrintEXIF creates a frame around the photograph and “prints” shooting information – EXIF data – in the bottom of the frame. It uses both standard EXIF data and data that has been recorded in the IPTC Caption field by Nikon Transfer.

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