Photoshop Action: Digital White Balance Card

Correct white balance is critical in digital photography to obtain pictures with no color cast. There are many white balance cards/filters on the market and we have even discussed a few days ago some DIY white balance cards alternatives.
But the idea today is even more revolutianary, Chip Springer, adobe photoshop guru, just came out with the first digital grey card.
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10 steps to install Adobe Photoshop CS2 on Ubuntu

Just a couple of weeks ago I was saying that Adobe Photoshop is the most requested application missing on Linux platform, and here is today an article describing how to install Adobe Photoshop CS2 on Ubuntu is just 10 easy steps.
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Free photoshop template for lighting setup diagrams

Here is a free adobe photoshop template for everyone who would like to be able to draw photography lighting setup diagrams to help me learn more about light 🙂 or for any other reason
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New Photoshop brushes exchange site

A new photoshop community is born 🙂 getbrushes is an Adobe Photoshop brushes exchange site where anyone can post, find or download free brushes.
Although just a few days old, getbrushes looks already very promising with already over of 100 different categorized brushes sets to download.

Another positive point about this new photoshop brushes exchange site, is that getbrushes has a clean and easy to navigate design.

Free growing collection of PSD files to download

A free growing collection of PSD images to download and use in your Adobe Photoshop or any other image editing software.

PSDSpy is a search engine/directory of indexed already extracted images. I mean by already extracted that the background of the images has already been deleted or erased so that the picture can be directly without furthe manipulation.

There is enough free PSD images2,398 at this moment there to keep busy and amuse most of us for a good while, definitely worth a look.