Adobe Lightroom Tips for beginners: Adding off center vignettes

I have already covered how you can easily add vignettes in adobe lightroom using the effects panel and how to add off-centered vignettes in Adobe Lightroom 5 but how to add these off-centered vignettes in earlier versions of Adobe Lightroom ?

Although the process is a bit trickier than it is in Lightroom 5 it is still rather easy to do, instead of using radial filters this time we are going to us the brush tool.

Adding off-centered Vignettes in Lightroom

Setting up the brush

Let’s start with the picture you want to add vignettes to

Adobe Lightroom Tips for beginners: Adding off center vignettes (Lightroom 5 only)

In the last article we discussed how to add vignettes in Adobe lightroom using the “post-crop vignetting” feature.

A bit problem with that feature is that it doesn’t allow off-centered vignettes! As you know it is not uncommon in photography to have the main subject moved from the dead center of the frame. So if we use the “post-crop vignetting” feature on these images we will be dimming the main subject instead than the putting it in perspective.

Plugging in the same settings as the ones used in our previous tutorial on the off-centered picture below will clearly show that the head of the groom is getting dimmed and a big portion of the background isn’t.

Adobe Lightroom Tips for beginners: Adding vignettes

Today we are going to see how to easily add vignettes to your pictures in adobe lightroom using the “post-crop vignetting” tool in Adobe Lightroom.

As you can see the “post-crop vignetting” tool in inside the effects panel and is made of 5 sliders

  1. The amount slider: will affect the “hardness of the vignette, by hardness I mean how transparent/subtle or opaque the vignette will be. Pull it to the right hand side and the vignette will be white, and to the left hand side it will be black.

Configuring PhotoLine as external editor for Adobe Lightroom

Now that I have moved my post-processing workflow to Adobe Lightroom 5 and PhotoLine and dropped Adobe Photoshop the first thing I wanted was to be able to switch back and forth from Adobe Lightroom 5 to PhotoLine as simply as possible, so here is what I did.

Accessing the Settings Panel

Inside Adobe Lightroom open your preferences panel, it can be accessed by Edit -> Preferences or simply clicking on CTRL+, (on Windows) and then switch to the “External Editing” TAB

Adobe Lightroom Tips for beginners: Understanding which portion of the image each slider affects.

Have been trying to understand how each slider in the “basic” module of Adobe Lightroom 5 affects the image but then I noticed that Lightroom actually tells us that.

Just by hovering over each of Exposure / Highlights / Shadows / Whites and Blacks a grey overlay on the histogram will show to indicate which portion each slider will affect the most.

The Exposure slider will affect the midtones

The highlight slider the right hand portion of the histogram so, as the name indicates, the highlight, but not the far end right hand side like I originally thought.

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