Adobe Lightroom Tips for beginners: Claiming back your screen real-estate

Today in my series Adobe Lightroom Tips for beginners I am going to show you how you can claim back your screen real estate so you can work more efficiently in Lightroom.

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I work with lightroom mainly from my laptop so getting the maximum out of my screen is really important, here are some tips I have learned

  • Switching to Full screen: SHIFT+F will rotate across the different screen modes, press it twice (from default) and you will be in full screen

Adobe Lightroom Tips for beginners: Installing plugins

Yesterday I have shared with you how to disable/enable the effects of a single module in Adobe Lightroom well today we will cover how to install a plug-in.

Think of Lightroom plugins as add-ons to the product that extend its capabilities, Publishing plugins for example will allow you to publish your images to various websites (flickr, 500px, smugmug and others) without any additional effort.

Installing a plugin is not hard and very straight

  1. First download the plugin you want to install, most of them will come in a zip format

Adobe Lightroom Tips for beginners: Turning off module preview

I finally made the jump and bought Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5, so I will be doing a series of small tutorials/ Tips & tricks of the things I am discovering and finding out useful in this software.

You can expect these to be beginners tips since I am just beginning with the product but I do hope that they will turn-out to be useful for some of you out there.

Today I will begin with this small switch that can be found at the left-hand side of every module. This small switch, that I did not notice first, is used to switch OFF/ON the specific module.

Photoshop Tutorial Mine : from image to flickr

This post is a guest post by Lara Zankoul.

I’ve always been attracted to the tones of Lara’s pictures so I tried to talk her into sharing with us her retouching techniques and here goes her first tutorial.


Photoshop Tutorial: step-by-step Ville d’Avray

PasTut 10

This Photoshop tutorial is brought to you by Pascal Khattar and the picture is by Toni Abi el Hessen

Today we are going to use Adobe Photoshop to fix a bad exposed shot and make it look much better in all ways.

First of all open the picture in Photoshop

PasTut 01

Tip: double click in the empty area of Photoshop it will brings the open dialogue

Straighten the picture

Now that we have our document opened, first we will start by leveling the photo, as you see the scene is rotated slightly counter-clock wise (CCW) will fix that with the help of the river line as a guide to our horizontal level.

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