Photoshop Tutorial: Tips for creating HDR layer masks using levels

This is the third post in the adobe photoshop tutorial series: achieving HDR images using layers and layers mask.

Yesterday we saw a better way to deal with steps 3 and 4 of how to achieve HDR images using layer masks in adobe photoshop using the threshold tool, today I am going to teach you an even more powerful and flexible way of creating this mask.
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Photoshop Tutorial: Tips for creating HDR layer masks using threshold

We have seen yesterday a step by step adobe photoshop Tutorial on how to achieve HDR images using layer masks. The most challenging part of that tutorial was step 5 where we should go and craft that rapidly created ND filter.
It takes both talent and time to successfully paint those transition regions that should be neither completely black nor white.
If you are of those who struggle to know the correct shade of gray to use on the edges, here is an easy way to get you started.
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Photoshop tutorial: HDR using layer masks

This is the third post about High Dynamic Range -HDR- after
1. Dynamic range optimization: Showing how to maximize the dynamic range of your picture.
2. Merge to HDR explained: Explaining how to use Adobe Photoshop CS2 merge to HDR feature.

This tutorial explains, step by step, how to achieve HDR pictures using layers and layers mask in Adobe Photoshop. It is the method I use and prefer and Daniella did a amazing job writing down this tutorial.
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Photoshop Tutorial: from image to painting – Video –

A few days ago I’ve posted an Adobe Photoshop Tutorial on how to use the smudge tool to transform an image to a painting and this tutorial tutorial turned out to be very popular.
Here is today a video of this technique
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Photoshop Tutorial: Adobe RGB vs Standard RGB

This is not really a tutorial but rather a useful info for newbies, did you ever spend time retouching a picture in Adobe Photoshop and when you finally reached the look you want you upload it to your website just to notice that it looks dull and flat?
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