Photoshop Tutorial: eye retouching

Here is a very interesting tutorial on how to retouch, or let me say change, the eye ball in a portrait image using adobe photoshop. This tutorial was created by Chip Springer and all pics in this tutorial were also posted by chip.

This tutorial requires, in my opinion, a fairely advanced level of adobe photoshop knowledge, since I am still not able to obtain satisfactory results from it
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Photoshop Tutorial: simple retouching workflow in LAB

Roman Johnston inspired by “Photoshop LAB Color: The Canyon Conundrum and Other Adventures in the Most Powerful colorspace” entirely rewrote his adobe photoshop workflow for editing his pictures.
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Photoshop Tutorial: another Dragan like appraoch

Two week ago I was writing about an adobe photoshop tutorial video on how to achieve Andrzej Dragan portrait look.
Today I found an adobe photoshop tutorial, with a psd file to illustrate it, about a different a different approach to accomplish this look.
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Photoshop Action: Boost saturation without affecting skin tones

There is a tremendous amount of adobe photoshop actions out there to give the velvia saturation, these photoshop actions are great for landscape pictures and for pictures that do not contain people.

However, when the picture involves people in it, boosting the saturation becomes much more tricky because of the skin tones.
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Photoshop Tutorial: Dynamic range optimization

This adobe photoshop tutorial will teach us how to post process our picture to create a perceived dynamic range increase.

This tutorial was posted on dpreview by PhotoKan and I am posting it here with his approval.

From here on all that is written is just a copy/paste from PhotoKan’s tutorial
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