Photographer of the week : Federico Savoldelli

I ran into Federico Savoldelli flickr stream and couldn’t help but be amazed by his photography, there is a huge diversity of landscape, street, abstract, portraits, buildings, macro, still life …. His “Explore” folder alone has 173 images !

His work is not to be missed, I leave you with only 10 images from his selection and i trust that you will be hurrying to check his flickr stream, Explore set and personal blog.
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Photographer of the week : Cyril BRETON

After stumbling on Cyril’s photo stream, I couldn’t help but move from one set to another to explore his amazing work. I was very surprised when I learned he is a self-taught photographer !

In his photo stream, you will find a great collection of portrait , landscape, black and white. I will leave you with only 10 pictures that speak of his work .

Don’t forget to check his website and photo stream for the full collection 🙂

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Photographer of the week: Lara Zankoul

Lara Zankoul is the second photographer from Lebanon that I have the chance to feature on Adidap as Photographer Of The Week and this is always a special moment for me.

I just love Lara’s eye, I like the way she sees things and, above all, I like the way she conveys movement in her pictures and her sense for details.

Each of her photos tell a story and they are all carefully retouched to convey even more feelings.

I must add that Lara is rather new to photography but she is quickly gaining popularity so make sure not to miss her photostream at flickr and to check her 365 project.

And now I will leave you with the selection of some of Lara’s favorite pictures

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Photographer of the week: Marta Nardini

Looking at Marta’s photostream i couldn’t help but be amazed by her landscape photography , then i fell in love by how beautifully she brings out the delicate details by taking amazing macro photography.

Marta’s portraits are of no less wonder than her landscapes, they are “personal” this is the least I can say about them.

I leave you with 10 of her pictures.. don’t forget to visit her photostream , she is an artist that should not be missed.

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Photographer of the week: Tasha Schalk

I remember the day I found Tasha’s photo stream for the first time I spent 2 hours straight looking at her pictures.

There is something is her photos that touched me and kept me coming back for more. Tasha seems to enjoy shallow depth of field, and unusual angles for compositions, she also makes a very good use of leading lines.

Her pictures are eye catching and very often high in colors.

Here is a collection of 10 of her favorite pictures but you can see more of Tasha’s work at her website.

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