Photographer of the week: Kurt Strecker

Kurt is a very versatile photographer, based in Cincinnati Ohio, and who loves to play with depth of field.

Although Kurt decided to share with us tonight mostly his portrait pictures, his gallery is rich with various subject and I will invite you all to visit it at

And now a selection of Kurt’s best pictures.
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Photographer of the week: Lars Johnsson

Lars is a fellow photographer from Sweden with a fantastic gallery !
I’ve had the chance to find his pictures while looking for samples of the Canon EF 85mm 1.2 L and I was captivated by his portraits.

Lars was kind enough to allow me to publish 10 of his best pictures and, if you want to appreciate more of his work, I’ll invite you to take a look at his pbase gallery.
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Photographer of the week: Arcak Askin

I’ve been away for nearly a full week I hope you guys are still around! I am sorry for that but we had an urgent migration to deal with at work and it was an overwhelming experience, but I’m back on track.
Today I present to you Arcak Askin the photographer that signs under the name of Eastanbul at flickr.

If you like simple compositions, outstanding lighting, colors that feels coming right out of a cinema moving and, above all, delicious depth of field play and bokeh then I can assure you you will be love Eastanbul’s work.

I will leave you now with a handpicked collection of Arcak’s best pictures
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Photographer of the week: Leanne Lim-Walker

Leanne totally got me hooked the day I came across her photo-stream at flickr. Ever since I find myself just coming back for more of her portrait work.

The freshness and the uniqueness of her composition is really inspiring ! When I look at the quality of her work and notice that most were done with “just” a camera a kit lens and available light I think “GOD I need some work!”.

Here is a teaser of the quality of work you would find if you check Leanne on Flickr
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Photographer of the week: Mac Logue

I can simply summarize all what I want to say about Mac in one of two sentences
“Food the way you have never seen it before” or “The man who made me want to give food photography a try”.

Tasteful composition and delicate lighting seems to be 2 keys for Mac’s great work, I have rarely been inspired by food pictures before but these are a different story.

Mac is a great photographer who post his photos on flickr under the pseudo of Rotten Jimmy, make sure to check his photostream for more great stuff.
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