Photographer of the week: Seetharam Maddali

When I first picked up Seetharam as photographer of the week I was mainly attracted by his birds pictures, however I have discovered that he is also very talented in all nature and wildlife.

The beauty of Seetharam pictures talk for themselves, great craft of God’s creation.

I will invite you all to visit Seetharam website to admire more of his photos.

I am Seetharam Maddali, a freelance nature photographer. “Nature and wildlife are my passions. My interest is to express nature and it’s beauty as artistic as possible through the powerful means of photography “

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Photographer of the week: Patrick Di Fruscia

Honestly I don’t know how I can introduce Patrick. Patrick for me is more than just a photographer I admire. In fact, for the past couple of year, Patrick has been for me a friend and an inspiration.

I met Patrick on Photosig and I was so amazed by his portfolio that I emailed him. Patrick’s reaction was much more than just a polite thanks, he took the time to chat with me and help me out many times by looking at my pictures and commenting on them.

If at a personal level Patrick is great his work is nothing less than wonderful. Although I have never seen a picture he took that was not landscape, he has a unique way of composition that, I think I could recognize his pictures just by looking at it. Any place through his lens would look just WOW.

Of course I have prepared a collection of his best photos however to see more of his work make sure to visit
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Photographer of the week: Stephen Gray

I first saw Stephen’s work on ADIDAP’s flickr group and I have been captivated by his eye.

I am a hard lover of minimalism photography and Stephen is a great in minimalist composition.

His pictures are simple yet effective, he simply knows how to turn a common scene into an great picture.

Before leaving you with a selection of Stephen’s best pictures, I will invite you to visit for more of his work.
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Photographer of the week: Paul Moody

If you are a flickr regular chances are that you already know Paul Moody.
Paul is the kind of person who documents his daily life with a camera and he does it beautifully !
Paul lives in what seems to be a wonderful places and is a very versatile photographer. He enjoys shooting nature, his dog and even himself.

Browse Paul’s photostream and you will find there a lot of inspiration, I know I do !

And now the selection
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Photographer of the week: lucy_nka

I stumbled on lucy’s photostream a few days ago in flickr and I was directly captivated by her street pictures.
Shooting mainly in Black and White, each exposure is story telling. It is hard to look at them and not think twice.

Every photo has a touch of mystery that I cannot explain in words, is it composition, is it vignetting, is it light or is it post processing ? I wouldn’t know. But these are definitely the kind of pictures I could just stare at and find myself lost in thoughts.

Here is a selection of Lucy’s work but make sure to add her on flickr, the kind of photostream you don’t want to miss !
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