Photographer of the week: Gene Smirnov

Gene is not exactly your “everyday” photographer style. There is a lot of raw beauty in his pictures. His creations are so different, to my eyes, that they are almost shocking. It is simply that my eyes are not used to so much truth in pictures.

Each of his exposure is carefully planned, composed and lit to give the scene a very natural aspect. Make sure to check for all of Gene’s work.
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Photographer of the week: Martin van der Veen

I have met Martin thanks to a comment someone dropped on my post 15 unique stairs pictures and I directly decided to feature him as Photographer of the week here at Adidap specially since I had been looking for a architecture photographer for quite a while.

It is obvious that Martin has an sharp eye for composition, looking at his picture you can hardly even know what it was in the first place. All the elements just fall in place with harmony to give a great abstract pictures.

Unfortunately I do not know about a website where you could admire all of Martin’s artwork but here is, for your eyes only, a collection of 10 of his best pictures.
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Photographer of the week: Steve Agrella

My vision is to capture images that touch you, What I mean by that is, if my images make you smile or say WOW! I have succeeded in my mission to make your world a happier place.

From Steve’s about me page
Well Steve all of your pictures make me go WOW!
Steve’s love for wild life shows in each and every picture he takes, they all reflect very quick photography reflexes with a wonderful composition.
No matter how fast the action is, Steve seems to always be able to capture a unique moment with a carefully decided composition and Depth Of Field.
Before I leave you with the selection of Steve’s pictures, I will invite you all to visit Steve Agrella Photography to enjoy more of his work.
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Photographer of the week: Greg Evans

Today allow me to present to you Greg Evans. Greg’s love lies in taking pictures of cars, however he does it so well that one could easily say that Greg is Car Portrait photographer!
His pictures are so carefully crafted, in terms of composition, post processing, and depth of field that you directly feel that the car is posing for him.
I would have never thought I would enjoy looking at automotive pictures so much, Greg those are worth any A grade publicity campaign photo I’ve seen thanks!
To admire more of Greg’s work make sure to visit GregEvansPhotography and now the selection
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Photographer of the week: Sabyasachi Patra

Sabyasachi Patra is a fellow photographer from India that has for passion shooting tigers in the wild forests of India!

Although Sabyasachi is not a professional photographer, his pictures are magnificent and earned him national and international renomè.

Being attacked twice by tigers wasn’t enough to change his mind to capture these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat. Sabyasachi simply thinks it was his own fault if he was attacked and that “animals are always much safer than human beings”.

To appreciate the pictures we’re about to see even more, just think that some were captured with only a 70-200mm, imagine how close to the big cats Sabyasachi was !

For the full work of Sabyasachi Patra make sure to visit
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