Photographer of the week: Rene Herteux

I got by the website of Rene completely by chance and I’m darn happy I did.

Rene seems to be a pretty versatile photographer with a broad range of styles and subjects.
His landscape pictures are quite nice to the eye and not overdone in the digital dark room, his macro picture delicate some are really very precious and rare.

To my eyes Rene is a photographer that cares about every detail of his pictures and there is a lot I can learn just by looking at his photographs.

Ok enough talking, here is a selection of some of Rene’s best pictures…
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Photographer of the week: Joel Santos

Joel is a young and motivated photographer who has already covered a great deal of different countries, locations and cultures. What amazes me most with Joel is the diversity of his captures, his eye proves to be as precious for landscape composition as it is delicate and emotive when it comes to portrait.

Since we all know that a picture worth a thousand words I’ll leave you now with a collection of hand picked pictures from Joel gallery.
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Photographer of the week: 18 years of PAD and counting

6691 days ago he ” ((“I wish I knew his name”))” started a picture a day project and he never stopped since.

Yes for more than 18 years he’s been taking at least one picture per day not failing to do so one single day and I am struggling to finish my first month…

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Photographer of the week: Rick Loomis

© Rick Loomis

For this week I have picked out a photojournalist, a pro one “Rick Loomis”.
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Photographer of the week: Dennis Walton

© Dennis Walton

Dennis Walton was totally unknown to me before seeing his pictures on photosig, but I’m glad I stumbled on him since his photos are a real feast for the eye.

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