Photographer of the week: John Kenny

Our photographer of the week is John Kenny, a fine art photographer living in London. Since 2006 his focus has been on traditional communities across Sub-Saharan Africa.
John is fascinated by the people that he photographed and the unique cultures to which they belong that still exist in Africa today. He hopes that his pictures and past shows help to emphasize the positive role that Africa and Africans play in the 21st Century, and also that the work highlights the many threats to traditional ways of life today.

Photographer of the week: Iain Gilmour

Our photographer of the week is Iain Gilmour, a photographer based in Buckinghamshire, England, working mainly in monochrome with an emphasis on landscapes, preferring its ability to reduce a scene to its basic elements.

He draws inspiration from a number of contemporary photographers, however, the greatest influences on him have been the mastery of the pioneers of fine art monochromatic images such as Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Weston and Paul Strand.

I leave you to enjoy 10 of his selected pictures, for more you can check out his website or connect via Twitter



Photographer of the week: Peter Neill

Our Photographer of the week is a concert photographer from Ireland & has worked with amazing artists like U2, Coldplay, Royseven, Lifehouse and many more. He lives and breathes the unique challenges and buzz of music photography.

Peter took up concert photography as a migration away from wedding work a couple of years ago and although it was difficult to break into the music industry, the sheer creativity involved in this type of work was worth the effort for him.
This is why he released a free iPad ebook as an experiment in this area, this book is aimed mainly at other photographers, he shares how to get into the industry and make yourself known.
The book called “Shooting Sound” also includes an extensive gallery of work.

Photographer of the week: Juergen Buergin

Our photographer of the week is Juergen Buergin, an urban photographer from Berlin, Germany.
Juergen likes to tell some of those small, untold stories that are happening every day in our world and what the viewer might discover by seeing his photos, is something about people and their relationships to each other, something about arts and perception – but foremost he hopes that the viewer learns a lot about himself/herself.

So I leave you with 10 of his selected pictures, with the hope that you spend some time with his art and discover a few things as well.

Photographer of the week: Doug Kaye

Our photographer of the week is Doug Kaye is a retired tech executive and now full-time fine-art photographer living in Marin County, California.
He is an occasional guest host on the popular “This Week in Photo” podcast.
You can check his full work on his website or connect with him on twitter and google plus

Here are 10 of his selected pictures to enjoy and share.











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