Saturday Links Fever [2007-12-29]

First I want to invite you all to read the 7 bad habits of digital photographers an article I wrote on Epic Edits (Brian and I exchanged posts for Christmas).
And now to the last weekly mash up of the year !

Saturday Links Fever [2007-12-22]

Saturday Links Fever [2007-12-15]

It is time for the best photography links of the week. However before we begin I’d like to remind you

  1. If you are a photography blogger we will be exchanging posts soon, join us
  2. Make sure to check the Flikr Pro account giveaway competition

And now let’s talk photography

Saturday Links Fever [2007-12-08]

Another week in the photo blogsphere world and it is time to share with you the best articles that I read

Saturday Links Fever [2007-12-01]

This was quite a busy week in the blog sphere and I’ve bumped into a lot of interesting articles. Hope I won’t miss any.