Saturday Links Fever [2009-07-11]

Saturday Links Fever [2009-02-21]

I’ve been busy and kept away as a result I have a big list of links to share with you. Hope you will like them

Saturday Links Fever [2009-01-24]

A very busy week in the photography blogsphere !

  • Flickr Collection on Getty: Why I’m Not Taking Part
    An articles to read if you are thinking of joining the Flickr collection on Getty images
  • 4 Quick Portrait Photography Tips
    Xposure Pro
    It doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer shooting a clients portrait session or an amateur taking pictures at a family event, birthday party or any other occasion. Whatever the situation might be, you want to take the best portraits that you can.
  • Calibrate Your Monitor!
    Enticing the Light
    An important reminder why we should keep our monitors calbirated

Saturday Links Fever [2009-01-17]

What’s been going on in the photography blogsphere during this week

Saturday Links Fever [2009-01-10]

  • Photography Composition Tips
    Shutterbug Source
    Excellent composition is a key structure of good imagery and when done well will add great value to your pictures. Regardless of which type of photography we participate in, the rules of composition remain the same.
  • White Balance Reloaded
    A comprehensive review about white balance and how to use it
  • Creativity Ideas
    My Camera World
    Refresh your creativity with different approaches proposed by Niels.
  • Four compact photo printers under $150
    Here are 4 photo printers rather on the cheap side to enjoy printing your pictures at home
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