January 2009 assignment: Winter

Some readers have shown interest in a monthly assignment for the ADIDAP Flickr group. Although I am not very keen on restricting the submissions to the group to one single theme per month or even per week I’ve decided I will give the idea a shot however in a different perspective.

ADIDAP Flickr group will still be open for any submission and the weekly rounds will not change, however I will try introduce one theme per month on trial basis for now.

This is what I am thinking of, let me know what you think.

  1. You are free to shoot as many pictures as you want for the given theme
  2. Tag your pictures with “adidap.com Jan 09 assignment” (with the quotes)
  3. Submit your pictures to the ADIDAP Flickr group

I am not yet sure of what I will do with the submissions yet, maybe one dedicated post per month with the best or something but I promise I will get up with something.

Well now that you have the idea the theme for January 2009 is Winter

  • Wouldn’t “adidap.com Jan 09 assignment” tag make more sense?

    • @Simo, Sure !
      I’m not used to it yet 🙂 I’ve corrected the error thanks for pointing it to me

  • djiezes

    Hi, I’m new to this site, the flickr group & photography in general.
    I wish to participate in these challenges, but something is not clear to me:
    The adipap flickr group says I should only upload 1 photo a day, but this challenge says I can upload as many pictures I want. Does this mean the 1-a-day limit stays as it is, or is this challenge an exemption?

    Thanks in advance.

    • @djiezes, Well you can take as many shots as you want and tag them all just submit you’re best to the flickr group. The 1 limit per day still applies to the group. I will look for the tag while posting the monthly post.