29 fresh blogs and photoblogs to add to your RSS readers

It is time to share all the new blogs/photoblogs that answered my call. Although I did break my own “1 year” rule by a few months I couldn’t include blogs that have been running since 2006 or 2007 sorry !

So let’s get started


  1. “How I Took It” by Richard Hollins (RSS)
    Richard share with us how he took and processed some of his favorite shots
  2. Alltag eines Fotoproduzenten” by R. Kneschke (RSS)
    German stock photography blog
  3. More About Photography" by Mario Bucolo (RSS)
    Mainly interesting photography links that Mario shares with his readers
  4. Jason Irons Photography” by Jason Irons (RSS)
    Reviews/hacks/tips and DIY projects
  5. Kim Pace Photography Blog” by Kim Pace (RSS)
    Almost put that one in the Photoblogs but Kim does share tips and thoughts
  6. Thorley Photographics” by Neal Thorley
    A digital blog about film photography
  7. Picture Taker”  by Keli (RSS)
    Follow Keli’s life and photography
  8. Compose Click Edit” by Chris Gilmore (RSS)
    Fresh photography blog featuring news/tutorials etc…
  9. "Enticing the Light" by Miserere (RSS)
    A photography weblog I’ve been following since (it seems) its day 1
  10. Look, See, Reflect, Do” by Ananda Sim (RSS)
    A lot of useful videos and more
  11. Carrie Lee Photography” by Carrie Miller (RSS)
    Sneak peaks from Carrie’s sessions but also tips and tricks to come
  12. Waynesword" by Wane (RSS)
    Wayne shares his thoughts about Photography



  1. “PhotoBlogging DC” by various DC metro area photographers (RSS)
  2. Amberture” by Amber (RSS)
  3. Photography by KAT” by Kathryn Lymburner (RSS)
  4. Down Dog Photo” by Jacek Walicki (RSS)
  5. BMC Portraits blog” by Brian (RSS)
  6. Mississippi Photographers Showcase” by talents in Mississippi (RSS)
  7. Linda Strand” by Linda Strand (RSS)
  8. Abducted Light” by Drewe Zanki (RSS)
  9. Julia Wade” by Julia Wade (RSS)
  10. Dream a lil dream” by Nicole (RSS)
  11. Nick Decombel” by Nick Decombel (RSS)
  12. Caralin Ruth Photography” by Caralin Ruth (RSS)
  13. Michael Valli Photography” by Michael Valli (RSS)
  14. “eye spy with my little eye” by Jason Naylor (RSS)
  15. fotally sublimed” By Andrew Kowalik (RSS)
  16. “Of Whimsy Photography” by Sara Lindsay (RSS)
  17. Rubel Photography” by Silisia Rubel (RSS)


Update: RSS links added