The day I got hooked to live-view

Photo by Tiago Ribeiro

I clearly remember, not so long ago, I was “proud” to own a dSLR and not having a live-view. I couldn’t imagine taking picture with camera just looking a screen, I found that almost offending.

The day live-view hit the dSLR market I was really disappointed and was sure I was never going to use that feature.

However, just a few months after I got my Canon 40D (the first cam I ever owned with that feature) I am finding myself using live-view more and more and it is becoming a “must have” feature for me.

Here are 6 good reasons why I got hooked to live-view

100% coverage: None of the cameras I owned had a 100% coverage viewfinder, that means that the final picture will be, even if slightly, different than the one you actually see in the viewfinder. When you have time and you want to avoid cropping in the post processing, live-view will give you the exact view of your final picture.

Get it straight: The grid on the LCD is an easy way to align your shot and get a straight horizon right out of the camera (here are 6 others), this will also save you some post processing time.

It is good for my back: I suffer from an acute backache and live-view is particularly efficient when it gets too hard for me to reach the viewfinder. It would also be very practical when you set the camera too low or too high.

See the effect of changing your settings: Changing the white balance and/or picture style are directly shown on the screen thus saving you the trial/error approach specially when shooting JPG

Get the perfect exposure every time: Enabling live histogram and exposure simulation will help you get the exposure you want at every shot.

Critical Focus: This the reason why I use live-view the most, enable live-view zoom in and tweak the focus and you will get pixel sharp images guarantee.

All this being said, I use live view for less than 20% of my shots, however when you have the time to use it it is hard to beat.

Is there any reason why you use, or not use, live view of your camera?