33 twitter accounts to boost your photography skills

Twitter is quickly becoming an interactive RSS reader replacement, I am often finding that all interesting posts in my RSS reader have already been shared on twitter.

So if you are a photography lover in quest for latest gear news, hottest photography articles, or simply inspiration here is a list of 33 twitter accounts that will keep you on the cutting-edge of photography in the blogsphere.

To stay up-to-date with all changes of the below directory you can simply follow our twitter photography list and of course you could follow us on twitter too 🙂

In no particular order here are the 33 must follow twitter photography accounts

1. diyphotography: Udi Tirosh website: diyphotography.net, 2,991 Followers, 659 Tweets

Latest tweet: poor man’s jib ==> http://bit.ly/bkKTz0 (via @make )

2. LightStalking: website: lightstalking.com, 53,497 Followers, 2,092 Tweets

Latest tweet: Photo of the Day: Peacock http://bit.ly/bmexNs

3. phillprice: Phill Price website: phillprice.com, 1,905 Followers, 7,329 Tweets

Latest tweet: http://tinyurl.com/yzrzuhl Stop 43 & the legalization of copyright theft. Sign the petition.

4. stran9ee: Victor Bezrukov website, 952 Followers, 4,221 Tweets

Latest tweet: new photos on Bluecanvas.com “fast growing by stran9e – bluecanvas.com” ( http://bit.ly/98yLUD )

5. seanjonesfoto: Sean Jones website: seanjonesfoto.com, 335 Followers, 2,759 Tweets

Latest tweet: RT @Gydian0: I don’t want to be up this early but life is worth living. «– yes, indeed! We can sleep when we’re dead… 🙂

6. auer1816: Brian Auer (personal account), 783 Followers, 4,154 Tweets

Latest tweet: Writing a book review for the blog… wife hates the fact that I type so loud. Do they make quiet keyboards? I’m tired of being griped at.

7. 1001noisycamera: website 1001noisycameras.com, 4,079 Followers, 4,412 Tweets

Latest Tweet: Blog: #Samsung two half-sensor design with electronic shutter (#rumors for now) http://goo.gl/fb/6u7t #sensors

8. larazankoul: Lara Zankoul website, 288 Followers, 1436 Tweets,

Latest tweet: 195/365 Feel the pain http://flic.kr/p/7PhFPx

9. petapixel: Michael Zhang website: petapixel.com, 45,846 Followers, 2,522 Tweets

Latest tweet: A dynamic time-lapse visualization of the sky for an entire year: http://j.mp/cTTQg3

10. from10to300mm: Sven website: from10to300mm.com, 551 Followers, 3,321 Tweets

Latest tweet: Updating my Flickr-Stream with a fresh image, just before heading out to work: The Hut http://flic.kr/p/7Php9W

11. damienfranco: Damien Franco website: yourphototips.com, 9,222 Followers, 3,596 Tweets

Latest tweet: Faved on Flickr Maria: dennis homenkov posted a photo: 2010 http://bit.ly/acNjbd #photo

12. jimgoldstein: Jim Goldstein website: jmg-galleries.com, 4,154 Followers, 13,912 Tweets

Latest tweet: In case you missed it @guytalphoto has a new book out and has a Twitter giveaway going http://bit.ly/dmB6Fi #Exposures

13. Timecatcher: Patrick Di Fruscia website: DiFrusciaPhotography.com, 1,536 Followers, 589 Tweets

Latest tweet: “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” – Henry Ford

14. wottheduk: Cedric Canard website: aplop.wordpress.com, 92 Followers, 900 Tweets,

Latest tweet: 12 Amazing Commercials http://ow.ly/1rrD6 < would love to commute on the Barclay’s roller coaster 🙂

15. feelingnegative: Brian Auer website: feelingnegative.com, 169 Followers, 83 Tweets,

Latest tweet: Lomography Colorsplash Flash http://bit.ly/cN34yJ (via @holgablog)

16. epicedits: Brian Auer website: blog.epicedits.com, 214 Followers, 84 Tweets,

Latest tweet: Breathtaking Examples of Long Exposure Photography http://bit.ly/cZeh7V (via @ApertureImage)

17. AmazingPics: website amazingpics.posterous.com, 42,543 Followers, 2,615 Tweets,

Latest tweet: RT @LIFE These airplane stunts are so amazing they’ll blow your mind! http://bit.ly/aE5yuk

18. strobist: David Hobby website: strobist.blogspot.com, 23,877 Followers, 1,551 Tweets

Latest tweet: Awesome: Big Picture runs an Earth Hour gallery. Click the “befores” to view the “afters.” – http://bit.ly/cV1NCb

19. ProPhoto101: website professionalphotography101.com, 12,596 Followers, 1,012 Tweets

Latest tweet: How to pose models – http://bit.ly/2ZppMC

20. phototube: Chris Veltman, 1,773 Followers, 2,374 Tweets

Latest tweet: O.K. Festival – workshops, lectures and more than 100 independent #magazines 16 – 18 04 Arnhem – The Netherlands http://bit.ly/bedKRd

21. BenHeine: Ben Heine website,313 Followers, 752 Tweets

Latest tweet: Slideshow of the week: “Full Colors”: http://bit.ly/9Lwb4r

22. kbtimages: Kevin Thornhill website: kbtimages.co.uk, 640 Followers, 4,930 Tweets

Latest tweet: 50 Beautiful Photographs Of A Cloudy Day. http://bit.ly/8IncJe #photography /via @ruhanirabin

23. illtempered: Jakov Cordina website: jakovcordina.com, 179 Followers, 1,287 Tweets

Latest tweet: Photo: [Flickristi – HEAT] I decided to post this even though I am not too happy with how it turned out, but… http://tumblr.com/xb37yzzq1

24. kwerfeldein: Martin Gommel website: kwerfeldein.de, 3,967 Followers, 7,922 Tweets

Latest Tweet: Frisches Foto: Urban Avenue http://bit.ly/btK3Mg

25. Adriana_G: Adriana Glackin website, 768 Followers, 4,379 Tweets

Latest tweet: Ok, outta here – nite all – catch you later :))

26. JohnMilleker: John Milleker website: johnmilleker.com/blog, 851 Followers, 8,235 Tweets

Latest tweet: I love me Seagate drives but Hitachi I’d trust too. And $70 for 1TB Drives? Heck of a deal! http://bit.ly/aJZfUG

27. TelegraphPics: website: telegraph.co.uk, 12,089 Followers, 2,714 Tweets

Latest tweet: Riots continue for third day in Hyderabad, India. http://twurl.nl/smetfs

28. redwallphoto: Tasha Schalk website: redwallphotography.com, 507 Followers, 2,948 Tweets

Latest Tweet: Blog post – Red Rebel County @ 115 Bourbon St: http://www.redwallphotography.com/blog/2010/03/28/red-rebel-county-115-bourbon-st/

29. PaulSearsPhoto: Paul Sears website: paulsearsphotography.com, 198 Followers, 248 Tweets

Latest Tweet: I enjoy messing around with different #lighting when shooting #nature #photography – this one is a cool example http://bit.ly/aQ7k0x

30. markoharephoto: Mark O’H website markohare.com, 3,072 Followers, 113 Tweets

Latest tweet: Anyone going to Photovision in Edinburgh on Tuesday?

31. EarthShots: website: earthshot.org, 423 Followers, 527 Tweets

Latest tweet: #photo of the day: Sun Hunter by Khaled Hmaad http://bit.ly/cd5VnL

32. thephotoargus: website thephotoargus.com,11,832 Tweets, 431 Tweets

Latest tweet: 30 Ethereal Examples of Smoke Photography http://bit.ly/b2hHuO

33. ApertureImage: Chris apertureimage.com, 571 Followers, 10,308 Tweets

Latest tweet: Photographing People From Different Angles – http://bit.ly/acOE9w