Apple-core giveaway

It’s been a while since the last adidap giveaway, this is why I am excited to share with you a giveaway of 5 Applecore products.

Applecore offers an inexpensive and innovative solution to jumbled cables that all photographers detest.
The Applecore is a cord wrapper shaped like the core of an apple, designed to keep your electrical cables and cords organized and out of your way, while you focus on capturing that picturesque landscape before the lighting changes.
At only $5, everyone can afford this organizational aid.

How to win

All you have to do to win yourself an apple-core is simply post a picture of your cable mess on our facebook page.
I will go over the pictures and the top 5 photographers suffering from most mess get to win this organizational aid. ( There will be no need to ask people to “like” your photo ).

I know this is not a fancy giveaway like the ones we usually host, but I thought the apple-cores are pretty neat and wanted to share with adidap readers. Besides, the whole procedure will only cost you a minute or two.

Here are some pictures of the apple-cores – don’t forget to drop by the website for full details.



  • Excellent sharing with have a interesting feedback.I like it well done.

  • Excellent sharing with have a interesting feedback.I like it well done.

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