Photographer of the week: Olivier Du Tré

Our photographer of the week is Olivier Du Tré, a 34 year old photographer who was born and raised in Belgium.
Together with his wife, he immigrated to Canada 3 years ago and feels blessed that he was able to live in this beautiful country and loves every second of. It was a big turning point in his life and changed who he is and therefore it changed his photography.
Olivier loves simple compositions. He is always searching for things that are out of the ordinary. The simplest of photos can often convey a simple yet strong message. His work often shows scenery in a way that people can easily relate to because they pass or see it every day.

You can check out his full work on his website and connect with him on his twitter account or google+

I leave you to enjoy 10 of his selected work.

ODT Elbow Falls

Pretty trees in a pasture close to the wind farm in Pincher Creek


ODT Trees

ODT Clearing

ODT silos

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse

Sun peeks through clouds

ODT Lonely Tree

ODT Rundle

  • Beautiful images! I particularly like the first one but some of the others are just so simple yet dynamic.

  • Beautiful high contrast images.

  • Congratulations Oliver for being the photographer of the week. Great job! You deserve that title because of your great photo shoots.

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  • Claudetteepatry

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  • Somethings are better left unknown and unseen.
    Watch at your own risk.