23 refreshing Halloween pumpkin carvings for your inspiration and much more

Are you getting ready to carve your pumpkins this week-end and tired of the good old jack-o-lantern?

If you are looking for fresh ideas for this years pumpkins look no more, there is enough inspiration for you to carve the pumpkins of all your neighborhood !

So let’s get started

Pumpkin carving by kennymatic
Pumpkin carving

Carousel by ladybugbkt

Cat by WxMom
Happy Halloween!

Eaten by Vicki & Chuck Rogers
Chomp!, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha...

Scared by fabbio

WordPress Pumpkin by Eric M Martin
WordPress Pumpkin

E.T. by ladybugbkt

Joker by ladybugbkt

Tink-o-lantern by Cayusa

Harry Potter Pumpkins by ladybugbkt
Harry Potter Pumpkins

Ghostbusters by luca.candini

Pumpkin Pi by jpstanley
A holiday tradition

Linux pumpkin by robby-T
pumpkin 2

Windows 7 Pumpkin by Zeusandhera
Windows 7 Pumpkin

Einsteinolantern by ptooey

Mario by ladybugbkt

My Geek-o-Lantern. by Neal Gillis
My Geek-o-Lantern.

Sleepy Hollow pumpkin by Ben (Falcifer)
Sleepy Hollow pumpkin

Jack O’ Lantern – Elmo by De’Nick’nise
Jack O' Lantern - Elmo

Frodo Baggins by bwats2

Alien by ptooey

Spidey-O-Lantern by Randy Cox

Winking pumpkin by minipixel
winking pumpkin


During my quest for pumpkins picture I came by ladybugbk and I was in awe with her lantern carving. I have featured quite a few of her pumpkins in this post but she has a full set of 226 different carvings as of today in her stream on flickr so make sure to check it out for more.

Looking for pumpkin carving patterns and tutorials ? check out these sites

have any cool pumpkin carving picture to share with us? make sure to link to it in the comments