ADIDAP Flickr Round September 2013 – Part 2

Another set of 15 pictures from our flickr group are waiting for your votes.

Using the “vote up” button you can vote for one or many pictures. To take part of the competition, all you have to do is upload your pictures to our group pool.

Enjoy the inspiration and hope to be seeing your picture in the next round.


The Enigma

I am destined to stand alone

Library II

Day 694: Shopping_2098



Fenced In

2012.323 (Lily Loves her Pup)

A Death in The Family

foggy jogging

tristeza de verão

A chapter of his life

Day 322 [Project 365] - The world through my eyes.

Tel men ai kalina (Explore 1, 20.11.2012)

  • Lerma

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