Photographer of the week: Giulia Agostinelli

Our photographer of the week is Giulia Agostinelli, a 26 years old architect with a very strong passion for photography. She was born in Ancona, lived in Milano and recently moved to Paris.

Giulia used to basically take pictures since she remembers, with her father’s Yashika, but she developed a strong interest in photography only recently, maybe 4 or 5 years ago, with her very own first reflex.

With her pictures she always tries to fix some significant moments or deep emotions that places or people suggest to him : she loves to capture spaces with no people (both architecture and landscapes), but also loves portraits and, as you can see from this collection, she has a skill to play with objects and textures.

In this post, I am only featuring one of her highly creative collections called “In her shoes” – I simply love the series and I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as i did.
For her full work you can check out her Flickr stream or website and get in touch via her twitter account.

I leave you to enjoy this collection.