ADIDAP Flickr Round October 2013 Part 2

15 pictures for our usual flickr round – vote up your favorite(s) for a spot on our annual calendar and enjoy the inspiration.

Albert Bridge and Moorings

Hoping time can be frozen

Time to launch it


Japanese maple leaves

reflections of a sound when no one is around

Welcoming Shadow

Segovia Cathedral


Unusual eyes

Solitary Night

Playing the Field

Syon Park Gardens London Enchanted Woodland 2012 (3 of 5)

Another day. Another game. Another Story.

forward 2012!

  • Ahamed Ameen

    Really splendiferous. Many pictures are taken with the huge effort and unable to vote one and leave others. I am a software developer and I used to take this kinds of photos but I couldn’t. Awesome photos. All the best guys….