4 Lessons I have learned from instagram

It is just recently that I have started being active on instagram and I thought I would share with you a few lessons that this platform has thought me so far

1. Square is a cool ration

I could never see compositions in square format, this has always been a challenge for me. However since I started using instagram more frequently I am becoming more comfortable with the 1:1 ration

2. My mobile phone is not crap

As a serious hobbyist photographer I used to totally ignore my camera phone using it only for quick geotagging locations or snap-shots of things I should not forget, e.g: where I parked my car or whiteboards after meeting. I never considered using it to capture real “pictures”. Instagram though me to put my camera’s phone to good use to capture all these quick moments but precious moments.

3. Keep looking for compositions

Now that I don’t think photography only when I have my “big” camera with me I can virtually be composing and looking for lights/shadows and pattern anywhere and at all times.

4. Not every picture should be perfect

Well yeah it is OK to take life moment snapshots with a camera phone and put it online without spending hours on it in the digital dark room trying to have the best outcome possible. Even if it is blurry and I am in it it can still catch the moment and share it with your friends.

  • Grrl_Alex

    This is a very interesting take on Instagram and I am glad to see that not everyone posting on Instagram is posting not so great pictures. You do make a great point about not always having to work in the 2×3 formats and what not cameras come in. I think I will strive to try more 1:1 pictures sizes.