Adobe Lightroom Tips for beginners: Adding vignettes

Today we are going to see how to easily add vignettes to your pictures in adobe lightroom using the “post-crop vignetting” tool in Adobe Lightroom.

As you can see the “post-crop vignetting” tool in inside the effects panel and is made of 5 sliders

  1. The amount slider: will affect the “hardness of the vignette, by hardness I mean how transparent/subtle or opaque the vignette will be. Pull it to the right hand side and the vignette will be white, and to the left hand side it will be black.
  2. The midpoint slider: will affect the size of the vignette, the smaller the number the bigger the vignette
  3. The roundness slider: will affect the shape of the vignette, pull it down all the way to -100 and you will have a pretty square vignette that can be used as a frame if you like
  4. The feather slider: will affect the edges of the slider from hard edges to soft edges depending of the effect you are looking for.
  5. The Highlights slider: only enabled on black vignettes and will affect how much the highlights stand out inside the vignetted portion of the picture

Now let’s try to put that into practice, assuming we have this picture I took at a friends wedding and I want to add some vignettes to it to make it stand-out more.

As a start i prefer to keep the feather to 0, which will give me hard edges, since that will help me better see the effect of the vignette on my picture.
Since I want a black vignette I will use a negative amount and play around with the Midpoint and Roundness sliders to my liking.

Here is what it looks like at this stage

Now I will progressively push the feather slider to the right hand side till I obtain the result I want. here is what the final picture looks like.

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